Neeraj not just ensures that skills and virtues are tapped and honed, but also understands . More»


Not only did Neeraj Singal revolutionize the railway wheel and axle exporting, automotive and forging industry More»


The SEMCO Group is one of the leading and respectable industrial houses in India, having diverse.More»


The issue of women’s rights and gender parity in Indian society has come to the forefront once more. Gender bias pervades all spheres of life and society – a cycle of disadvantage that starts before birth and continues into old age. Even with no dearth of affirmative of constitutional commitment at centre and state level, women empowerment remains an elusive dream. Fact stays that the government alone cannot solve these problems. The private sector needs to step up and with a collaborative effort only a change can come. The foundation, besides setting up alternative structures, also reinforces the already existing ones in cooperation with the local authorities, villagers and active organizations in order to empower the poor, enhance their income-earning potential, and to improve the quality of their lives.

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