Women empowerment

Through training and providing facilities for women with an aim to make them self-dependant, self-reliant and in turn, self-confident. SEMCO foundation also supports other NGO for the welfare of women. By means of workshops, seminars, Health clinics, special classes/trainings etc., the foundation reaches out to the women to make them realize their inner strength and importance in the society.

Promotion and maintenance of health-hygiene and sanitation in the society

The foundation gives special attention to health and nutritional requirement of pregnant and lactating mothers, and pre-school and school going children. It runs basic health services, particularly the Universal Immunization Programme and promotes and organizes such efforts. Women are also made aware and educated on prevention and control of Cancer, AIDS, Leprosy, Kala-Azar, blindness & drug-abuse. Addressing key issues like safety and discrimination effectively, SEMCO foundation organizes mass campaigns for the importance of clean drinking water, personal hygiene & sanitation and continues to create public consciousness about female foeticide.

Protection of environment and natural resources

Climate change is one of the major issues being faced by all communities. SEMCO foundation emphasizes on sensitizing the women, children and youth about weather, global warming and deforestation. The foundation aims at mobilizing the people to improve awareness on adverse effects of climate change. Adequate action is planned viz. development of wastelands, wetlands, mangroves, barren lands and other deteriorating land and water resources. Further, through research and adoptions of low-cost sanitation/environment technology for prevention and control of pollution, the foundation takes steps for sanitation/environmental improvement in rural and urban settlements. Such environment-friendly technology in effect, motivates farmers & land owners. SEMCO foundation through its environmental protection programs targets people to understand the consequences of pollution & to prevent deterioration of in land, water & air. As a group, SEMCO stands together for conservation through environment education.

Promotion of education for all

As a response to creating a change, the foundation is also involved in the comprehensive development of the masses. They are a group of relentless campaigners for the protection of women from social and cultural exploitation /atrocities. Formal and informal education is imparted to masses through programmes like Total Literacy Mission & Adult Education Programme. With a sustainable approach which deals with all causes of the problems - and through measures like universalization of Elementary Education & vocationalization of school education, besides also establishing libraries and reading-rooms in rural area – SEMCO Foundation generates awareness and confidence in masses.

Provision of free legal aid for the needy

SEMCO concentrates on providing legal aid to people deserving justice. This encompasses people who suffer at the hands of an unjust decision or merely because they got mangled up in the official paperwork. With an aim to give masses an access to pro bono legal support, the underlying belief is to increase the awareness of legal rights & duties, boost transparency & empower those in need.

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